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“Tackle the dynamics of financial crime and fraud”

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Continuous protection

Change is the constant.
Focusing on anomalous behavior in general rather than specific “signatures” drastically reduces the need to constantly update an endless catalogue of rules.


Higher detection and efficiency

Significantly lower your risks and costs.
By using an integrated solid approach we utilize the power of model optimization. And through incorporating your business drivers you get the optimal result.


Flexible configuration

With the intuitive configuration panel you instantly change or add your processes. And because it’s so easy, you no longer need non-auditable and inefficient workarounds. Stay flexible, stay in control!


We continuously re-define the world of
Detection and Management of financial crime

Fraud Dynamics was founded as a result of a collaboration of international experts around the future of Fraud Management. With a clear vision to address the growing dynamics of financial crime and provide actual working and result driven solutions.

Your risks, business and clients change. Though your systems should remain robust. Fraud Dynamics understands your challenge and addresses exactly these issues. By bringing effective and efficient models, based on anomaly detection, to your systems and data, rather than replacing them. And by putting integrated alert and case management on top, allowing for high operational efficiency and flexibility in your response.

The Fraud Dynamics team will bring you a wealth of experience and network in the financial industry, financial crime prevention, and law enforcement globally. With direct access to top class analytic experts from the worlds best universities.

Breakthrough Innovation The real value is in the model, not a system Genuine & Responsible Focus on Long Term and our Customer
Top class Intellectual Capability From incidents to sustainable control Simplicity & Quality Results, results, results…

Our Solutions

Smart, secure and sustainable


The real value is in the model, not the system

  • Sustainable performance through advanced modelling techniques
  • Strong focus on anomaly detection
  • Implemented in your existing monitoring (rule-based) solution on existing data streams, no IT integration
  • Build, tuned, delivered and maintained by team of high class quants

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Get back in control of the process

  • One application for all your Fraud/AML processes, single view
  • Makes process changes, policies, exceptions, etc. configurable and live instantly, no IT changes
  • Business and client response in charge
  • Focused on process optimization through alert consolidation and action automation

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