Fraud Analytics

The only constant is change


Fraud management it is all about making the right decisions, taking the right actions
and, most importantly, treating your customers in the right manner.



Anomaly detection

Our anomaly/outlier detection methods take a more comprehensive approach, by modeling all behavior: both fraudulent and non-fraudulent. This provides a more robust view of the world and makes it more difficult to evade detection. Focusing on anomalous behavior in general rather than specific “signatures” drastically reduces the need to constantly update an endless catalogue of rules. Defense-in-depth becomes a reality.

Your systems, your data

Our model-generating-models give you the direct benefits our analytics, without the pain of long, costly and complex IT change projects. While usual systems require you to change the heart of your fraud monitoring solutions, Fraud Dynamics Analytics can be implemented in a stand-alone environment. Taking into account the data that already flows through your current systems, it returns the optimal ruleset for your systems, your business and your clients.

Real time, real results

Speed of decision making is everything. Therefore all of the Fraud Dynamics Analytics models can be implemented in real time environments. By using our intelligent multi layered approach we leverage large amounts of data for high speed decisioning.
And with our optimization models those decisions deliver tangible results for your business, i.e. high detection rates against very low false positives.

Proven integration

Data is essential to detect fraud! And that data comes in all forms and shapes. Fraud Dynamics Analytics takes in that data just as it is. Actually the closer your data resembles the original, the higher the quality for our model-generating-models.
Proven integration with almost all industry standards allows the effort to be focused on your business rather than integration issues.



“Everyone can see the wave when it hits them. The challenge of Tsunami alarms and early fraud detection systems is to distinguish normal and abnormal movements based on very limited and vague signals.”


Fraud Dynamics puts your organization ahead in fraud detection and analysis. By focusing our approach on the dynamic nature of fraudulent activity.
We enable you to:

  • Get back in control with a sustainable anti-fraud solution.
  • Utilize the potential of the data at hand to create a strong layer of protection.
  • Respond with fast alert generation, delivering effective protection and deriving the maximum intelligence from your existing data.
  • Evolve with the help of pro-active and evolutionary detection algorithms to minimize the potential risk of changing fraudulent behavior.
  • Plug-in our analytics and management tools to your existing infrastructure with our proven track record of smooth integration.
  • State-of-the-art data techniques reveal hidden patterns, clusters, and relationships, illuminating dependencies between seemingly unrelated data points.

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