Fraud Case Management

The value of getting it right

Fraud Case Management

The value of getting it right


Fraud management it is all about making the right decisions, taking the right actions
and, most importantly, treating your customers in the right manner.



Single view

The Fraud Dynamics Manager provides a single overview of all relevant client and product information, as well as the associated alerts and cases. Based on the type of case, the client or process step, this overview can be configured to facilitate accurate and fast decision-making. No more need to move between different CRM systems to obtain the required information for each situation.

Consistent and efficient

Define what actions are needed for each different fraud alert and optimize your fraud handling by standardizing these into automated action protocols. Your agents will get suggestion and/or confirmation procedures, lowering the risk of mistakes/deviations in predefined client processes. Control in fraud starts with consistent and adequate actions to handle your cases.

Designed for change

Designed for change and rapid time-to-market The Fraud Dynamics Manager ‘core modules’ are built around the premise that change is continuous and that rapid time-to- market is essential in Fraud management. Modifying the process, adding process automation or new alert types and actions, implementing escalation or prioritization procedures are part of business as usual.

Proven integration

We realize that good fraud management is dependent on the ability to integrate with existing processes, detection and back office systems. Alerts should be sent to the Fraud Dynamics Manager, customer data should be available to create and evaluate a fraud case and actions should be executed directly in existing core systems. FD Manager offers connectors for all common detection engines and integration capabilities.



Managing a customer process is a pain when attacks change continuously and lack a single radar system.


One of the most difficult things to solve is answering the continuous need to adapt due to fraud and managing the “jungle” of core Financial, CRM and reporting applications.

Ideally your Fraud management operation should utilize a single alert handling and case management solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing detection engine(s) and back office systems and provides your agents with the tools to handle alerts and fraud cases in an effective and efficient manner.

Based on deep Fraud management domain knowledge and the state of the art Mendix Application platform, Fraud Dynamics has developed the next generation Fraud alert handling and case management system, the Fraud Dynamics Manager.

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